First QantasLink A320 lands at YPPH for the first time!

I took some of these shots of the A320 today and I was lucky enough to get these shots!


Nice photos! What equipment were you using?

iPhone 6s as I was rushing lol


Nice! Flying to RKSI on my 6s. Camera on it isn’t that bad.

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Awesome shots! On such rare times like these, its good to watch a change. Nice photo’s by the way.

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You would expect a smaller varient of the A320 family for QantasLink but I guess they’re just there to relieve stress on 737s

I thought that too, but much like Virgin Australia Regional’s two A320s operating in Western Australia they are just there due to demand. If Skywest Airlines was still around the new aircraft probably wouldn’t be needed.

Qantas knows they’ll be able to get it for cheap off of Jetstar so in my eyes, this is a smart move

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Wow, really special to see such an aircraft painted with my favourite and home airline colours, great photos too

What routes are they using it for?

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It’s lovely to see the plane. I heard the plane just came back from painting at Singapore’s Seletar Airport 😊

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It suits it well. Hope to see this one day.

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Yes, it flew from Seletar as JQ8996


Chartered Flights throughout Western Australia’s Mining Region. I believe it won’t be used for RPT.

Don’t forget if you want this livery in Infinite Flight to vote for the livery request!

Jet star is owned by Qantas

Amazing! Looks so good!

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I never knew Qantas Link had aircraft that size!

I don’t think I saw anyone ask this but why is Qantas bringing in two A320’s for QantasLink?

Qantas Link A320…
My brain stopped for several seconds 😅

Always nice to see one of his favorite plane around the world.
Nice shots by the way!