First Qantas A330 with New Livery Landing in Sydney

Not sure if anyone’s intreasted but here’s the first Qantas A330 in the new livery landing into Sydney :)


I’m interested for sure! Great to see it finally in Sydney.
For those who don’t want to watch the clip, here’s an old/new shot at 2:55 in the video:

I also found it on FlightRadar departing Cairns today.


Any idea what it’s doing in Cairns? Never knew the QF A330’s flew into there


Nice, thank you for sharing!


I’m not really liking the new font for Qantas


It looks a lot more squarish, compared to the old one which had a lot more flow to it. I quite like it, and it seems like a mix between a classic typewriter font and original Qantas designs.

Touring Australia of course! I actually have no idea. Maybe they recently added that route, it is a one off, they are going to add it or it is serviced by the Qantas CityFlyer branch.

Every thing but the font I like


The armless roo really annoys me, like a kangaroo has arms and that’s a kangaroo and it has no arms

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Oh and that

At least they cleaned it up a bit and smoothed out the edges. A very modern and rejuvenated kangaroo I would say. It is living up to its true personality, and is what I always have wanted it to look like.

that new font is horrible

It’s not available to watch in the USA? That’s weird.

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Nor the UK

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Couldn’t agree more. They should have just stuck with there original and got a different person to decide the livery. All they did was darken the red remove the arms and change the font. I could’ve done that!


I honestly like this livery.

yeah if they are going to spend so much time and money repainting the planes why make such a small change that makes it look worse

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