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Hello fellow pilots,

I now have around 40 flight hours and have been absolutely loving this sim, but i have been mainly flying KLM routes from EGLL - EHAM and back. Now i’ve reached Grade 3 for a few days, and wanted to do my first long haul flight (around 7 hours). But my plan is to get some sleep while flying.

So my questions are:

Do you guys have any recommendations for a flight around 7 to 8 hours?

And can i just go to sleep, set the A/P to follow rules and wake up without violations or ghostings? Like is there anything i should be aware of when i am sleeping during a flight?

I know this is quite a long post, but thank you all in advance, and remember you’re amazing.



Start sleeping after cruise once you have set A/P. set a timer to wake up for descent and you’ll be good, although may not be able to do step climbing


May I just do what is the 7 hour flight
You are planning?

So, I don’t actually know of any specific flights, because I do not have Pro, but I just came to say,

Welcome to the community!!!

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Hello welcome to the community.

And if you’re doing a flight that’s 9+ hours and you’re at cruise, and everything is set properly, you’ll be okay👍

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  1. YSSY to RJAA or RJTT, YSSY to WSSS and YSSY to WIII.

  2. As your a new Grade 3 pilot a recommend only doing it on casual if you’re planning to fly. If you feel confident however you could do it on expert, but stay high and moderately fast. I still get that feeling waking up on an overnight flight on expert and thankfully not receiving any violations.

I also recommend looking up some tips on the IFC.

I dont know yet, i am looking around to find a flight that will give me some good shots in the replay, but it also needs to be an existing route.


You can go ahead to sleep, but any violations after that is on you.

This is not to tell you to stay up. But if you run out of fuel, or you climb too fast with a lot of weight on the aircraft and should it stall and it not being recovered then it will be on you.

I usually let Simbrief decide for me the cruising altitude and my flight path so I can sleep, after setting the AP and NAV for my overnight flights.

Hope it helps

Thanks alot! Those routes will definitely help me to find one.

Alright, i’ve just figured myself out. I will be flying from OMDB-EHAM. I am going to do it on the expert server because i do have basic experience with it already. I’ll make sure to setup everything accordingly and ofcourse wake up an hour before initiating landing.

I’ll be in a 787-10 Capt.Maikel / Callsign KLM 1445

Going to begin my takeoff right now

Thanks all for replying and welcoming me😊


Just pick a long haul flight and go for it. Takeoff reach cruise check everything is fine and leave it until its time to land. It takes a while to learn to trust the autopilot but once you’ve done a few you will. I recommend putting the screen brightness all the way down just so your device doesn’t get too hot. Honestly there’s not that much to long hauls.

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Maybe do hong Kong to Heathrow or shanghai to Heathrow (or the other way round) on Sunday because its on the ATC schedule and its very likely you’ll get ATC during takeoff and landing and the route will probably be very busy

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Set an alarm at the time you want to start decent and leave the autopilot running. Dont close IF or it will end the flight. Be careful, if somthing happens to the auto pilot and it disconnects. You may get violations and get banned from the expert service.

And welcome to the IFC

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My first long haul was on expert and it was qf10 egll-ypph for fnf a few weeks ago so I don’t think it really matters


Let us know how it goes after. Good luck

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Welcome to the community!

We look forward to seeing you in the skies! OMDB-EHAM is a great choice 😉 The world of IF has a vast number of routes, and you’ll never get bored!


Another update:

So everything went well on the violation and ghosting part, but i overlsept myself, and woke up finding myself flying west of Ireland in 80 kt winds, So i decided to bring her down at EIDW.

Definitely doing this more often as my phone had suprisingly no issues with this😊


That’s great news @Cpt.Maikel! I recommend to takeoff right before you go to sleep then when you get to cruising altitude you go to sleep. And I would try to make it long enough to make it an hour after you usually wake up. Looking forward to seeing you on the expert server! 😉 Also, welcome to the IFC! It’s a great place here and you will really like it here on the forum.

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Welkom btw :)

I always set some extra waypoints around the arrival area, so if I don’t wake up on time, i’m at least nearby and can start my decent immediately. .

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