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Not sure where to put this. I actually just found out about this game. And I really like it. So I’m all signed up and ready to fly, hopefully this can pass some of my down time.

I am an actual pilot myself, I fly the 737 in the U.S. Last summer I was promoted to Captain. My final goal is to fly international, my airline is doing a bidding process for those who would like to fly the 787, So fingers crossed I get selected lol.

What’s some of your guys background on aviation outside of this game? Feel free to share! Looking forward to playing online as well as take part in the events you guys post.

Any questions don’t even hesitate. Shoot me a message or post publicly on here. Would love to help as much as possible!!


Well then, hello and welcome to the community I hope you enjoy it here.

I would check out these posts so you understand the forum more.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Wow! Just wanna say hello and it’s very cool to have an airline pilot such as yourself here!

Since you’re new here i am going to add on to want @Qantas094 had already put:)
I’ve linked the TOS/FAQ it’s about a 5-10 minute read with both combined and is a good thing to be familiar with:)

If my links don’t work i’ll fix them

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Welcome to the community - and good luck with the 787 selection process

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