First planespotting in SKBO - El Dorado Intl Airport

Hey Everyone :)

This was my first time planespotting , and i saw some beauties from the past, the present and the close future.

Note : I’m new using a pro camera, so advices or suggestions will be greately appreciated. Thanks!

45 Years of flying! The 727 Was a very common aircraft in SKBO in the 70’s and 80’s, not anymore. That´s why this Aerosucre Aircraft is so unique and special for me. Is also special for some of you, better known as the late takeoff airline. Adrenaline in pure state.

Aircraft Info

Aircraft : Boeing 727 - 200J0 (Adv)(F)
Registration : HK-4504
Airline : Aerosucre
First Flight : 11/11/1975 for Air Jamaica
Route : Bogotá - Unknown

I love this airplane. I remember flying my first time in a Fokker 100 with this livery. That metal bar messed the shot, let’s pretend there’s nothing there.

Aircraft Info

Aircraft : Airbus A320 - 214
Registration : N763AV
Airline : Avianca (Old livery)
First Flight : 21/06/2011 for Avianca
Route : Bogotá - Cartagena

Bogotá is dominated by Airbus. The 3 biggest airlines here operates only Airbuses for short haul flights.

Aircraft Info

Aircraft : Airbus A320 - 214
Registration : N742AV
Airline : Avianca
First Flight : 25/06/2015 for Avianca
Route : Pasto - Bogotá

Another iconic plane for me. The black and white body with details in red makes it gorgeous in my opinion.

Aircraft Info

Aircraft : Airbus A320 - 214
Registration : N536AV
Airline : Avianca (Star Alliance livery)
First Flight : 10/11/2012 for Avianca
Route : Cali - Bogotá

Time for bigger boys

Tampa Cargo operates many daily flights from Miami to Bogotá, this is my favorite shot.

Aircraft Info

Aircraft : Airbus A330 - 243F
Registration : N331QT
Airline : Avianca Cargo (Tampa Cargo livery)
First Flight : 30/01/2013 for Tampa
Route : Miami - Bogotá

I was arriving to the airport when this beauty arrived too. Sadly not the best shot.

Aircraft Info

Aircraft : Boeing 787-9
Registration : PH-BHI
Airline : KLM
First Flight : 08/09/2016 for KLM
Route : Amsterdam - Bogotá

El Caballero Aguila. Nothing else to add, is great to see this bird in the Bogotá skies.

Aircraft Info

Aircraft : Boeing 787-9
Registration : XA-ADD
Airline : Aeromexico
First Flight : 20/02/2017 for Aeromexico
Route : Mexico City - Bogotá

This is the longest route operated daily from Colombia. Also a excellent livery, simple, iconic and beautiful.

Aircraft Info

Aircraft : Boeing 787-9
Registration : TC-LLJ
Airline : Turkish Airlines
First Flight : 20/02/2017 for Turkish
Route : Bogotá - Panamá City - Istambul

Wingo is a low cost Colombo - Panameñan Airline, It is the only airline that operates the 737 for national routes. Here’s the livery request if you want to vote :) Wingo 737-800

Aircraft Info

Aircraft : Boeing 737-800
Registration : HP-1512CMP
Airline : Wingo
First Flight : 24/07/2007 for Copa Airlines #Updatethecopalivery
Route : Cali - Bogotá

Last pic, for the American community.It is a pleasure to see this aircraft back in the skies, after a hard time and a pandemic.

Aircraft Info

Aircraft : Boeing 737-8MAX
Registration : N318SF
Airline : American Airlines
First Flight : 05/04/2019 for American
Route : Bogotá - Miami

What’s your favourite shot ? Thank you so much for watching! :)

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does this mean FLyingSugar?

i prefer this livery than the new one


Great shots!

did that aerosucre overrun the runway?


Nice photos!

Just a tip: Try to make your shutter speed faster for a more crisp shot, and don’t be afraid to boot up lightroom and make some final adjustments in lighting and saturation. Other than that, nice job!


HAHAHAHAH Sucre is a Colombian region, but actually Colombia exports a lot of sugar so… Maybe your not wrong at all

Yeah, is a little bit boring to see white planes. But this ones will not be repainted so we will see them for at least 7 years more :)


Even worse LOL


I love Aerosucre planes, but i would never fly with them. Definetely not a trustable carrier.


Thanks for the advice :). That picture was taken with 1/250 shutter speed, maybe is not enough. Im also considering buying Lightroom but i can’t afford it at the moment. Again thanks!


Ah yes, the lows take off’s airline: AeroSucre

Nice photos mate!


I shoot in 1/500, so maybe try that next time.


Sugar in Spanish is azucar lol


won’t fly very far!


Must’ve been a treat to see that 727 takeoff, especially since it was probably overloaded and took the whole runway at full power. 😛

Awesome photos, love the 727 one!


The mountains in the Turkish 787 shot look great, nice photos!


Those photos (like the airport) are so great, the spot where you took the photos is the best one to do some spotting in ElDorado!

To keep seeing this plane flying is … weird, they are very old planes with a long history of poor maintenance, I hope they will be replaced soon.

Of the other aircrafts, they are very good shots, right now in Bogotá many new aircraft are arriving worthy of a great photo!


I love this Airport!


Ah yes, the airline belongs to my flag carrier Copa Airlines, formed in 2016 to replace Copa Airlines Colombia’s operations. They recently received a certificate from Panama’s Civil Aviation Authority which allows them to operate and add more flights out of Panama.

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I guess he was talking about sucre in French lol , anyways thx for the clarification


YEAH hahahaha , it took a lot of runway for takeoff and it’s climb was very very slow, afortulately everything was alright

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