First plane accidently lands at Western Sydney Airport

Nancy Bird Walton International Airport. The biggest airport project that Australia has seen this century and the answer to congestion woes at Kingsford Smith, it’s massive! However, the airport isn’t exactly an “airport” yet and it’s very much still a “project”. The airport isn’t due to open until 2026 and the “runways” are currently just partially built dirt strips, a bit of an issue some could say. However, two men and their Piper made history this morning.

According to The Daily Telegraph one instructor and one student pilot took off from Bankstown Airport but were experiencing pretty bad engine trouble, they were in the vicinity of Badgerys Creek (where the under-construction airport is located) and simply had to put the single-engine aircraft down. A successful landing was made on the dirt strip and no one was harmed, an investigation is underway however luckily no damage to the aircraft was reported either. The first aircraft meant to land at the new airport was a 787, 6 years from today however just as luck would have it, a Piper Cherokee stole it’s crown.

The first aircraft to land at the new airport image credit


This is a really neat tidbit of aviation history. Nice report.


Thats epic :)))

The Piper was jealous that the 787 is landing before him


What the i have Heard so much today

Piper wanted to be in the news that’s all

Glad the instructor and student are ok.

Sure it was an “emergency”. Fame-craving pilot isn’t fooling me 😜 😂

jk lol

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Maybe it was intentional 🤔🤪 we’ll never know

Cool story and I think they did it on purpose XD


Well it’s dirt, not an airport yet so I think that 787 flight is safe. Lmao. The convenience of that is terrific tho.

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