First Pictures of Flight Training - Thank You!

Hello, IFC!

After a long wait, I recently picked up flight training again and had my first flight lessons since I moved from the US!
After countless test flights in various flight schools, I finally found an aeroclub that suits me and have started flying on January first.

Here are some pictures of the flying I have done in 2023.

The aircraft I have flown is F-GIKP, a 33 year old (but recently repainted and with a recent cockpit) Robin DR400-120 based at Lognes Emerainville (LFPL).
This weekend’s flight was an hour and a half, and I took off from Lognes (LFPL) before going down south, flying around the Melun area and coming back north for some pattern work.

F-GIKP, my plane for the day

The plane after the preflight check and a beautiful cement fungus

Sunrise moment

The beautiful cockpit

Two different types of DR400, I personally prefer the design on the first, what do you think?

Some flying around the castle of Vaux-le-Vicomte, a beautiful chateau a half hour southeast of Paris

Pattern work behind another DR400

After a relatively smooth landing on 26R, I taxiied back and put the little plane back in the hangar for the night.

I’d like to thank each and every one of the amazing people on this forum for making aviation such a welcoming, inclusive and fascinating hobby. And thank you so much to everyone at Infinite Flight for sparking and maintaining my interest in aviation and keeping me interested and motivated to keep going! The simulator has been a wonderful experience and a great way to learn and practice flying, communicating and navigating, and I’m incredibly thankful for it!

Thank you very much to the big Infinite Flight family!



That plane looks really slick, Congratulations!

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Congratulations! I always love hearing how people turn a simple hobby into something larger.

Have a great rest of your day!

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Congratulations! That is a monumental achievement and I am sure the build up to the moment was well worth it! Is the aim to make it a career or just as a hobby?


Agreed, the visibility from the cockpit is amazing too, its all glass!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Aww thats nice

Thank you very much!

Right now I’m aiming for the PPL but depending on how much I enjoy it I might make it a career one day :)


That sounds dope! Well I hope one day you are able to make it into a career, would be fantastic to hear!

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I guess time will tell :)

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This looks and sounds great! Cement fungus comment is as funny as the cockpit photos (in particular the left views) are breathtaking! Good luck on your continued success!

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Thanks! It is!

Aww thanks!

Muchas Gracias :)

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This looks amazing! Congrats bro!

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Wow! Amazing congratulations on this!

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Thanks a lot, both of you :)

@DeerCrusher and @Robertine share the sky? This will end great.


Scary thought… I know haha


Watch me draw ‘HI IFC’ on Flightradar24

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We know you will 😎

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You are constantly being chased by a snail-I mean DR400. You can run, but you can’t hide.

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