First Photo Of New Rossiya Airlines 747-400!

After repainting in Dublin.This is the ex Transaero 747.


Oh wow, that’s a beauty and a half. Simple design but modern effect. Good to see someone using the life out of those old B744’s, but let’s wait for the B773


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Is rossiya airlines a new company (if not I’ve never heard of them)

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Not a new company. It’s actually been around for quite a while. I think they use their IL-96’s to shuttle Mr Putin around the world. They’re just using some of Transero’s old fleet of 747’s, 777’s and 767’s according to Wikipedia. But this livery looks so damn good.

This livery is much better than the old one.

Rossiya has the hub in St. Petersburg ULLI LED,they shuttle Russian government by IL-96,Il-62,Tu-204 and they use A319,A320 for regular flights to Europe and Russian cities

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Custom livery! (Not my photo)

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3-4 delivered by now




How come are they delivered to Vnukovo? Shouldn’t they be delivered to Sheremetyevo and Pulkovo (St. Petersburg)?

some A319s are in Pulkovo, in Sheremetyevo as I know there is Aeroflot

Why do they need 747s? It’s not like 400+ people suddenly want to go to Russia (that was in no means supposed to be offensive to anyone)

Ну так это же их дочка, зачем их в одном порту держать. "Россия"вся во Внуково будет, с базами так же в Санкт-Петербурге,Ростове и Оренбурге. Аэрофлот понятно, Шереметьево.

Rossiya is Aeroflot’s subsidiary, for the niche of Transaero; so they use different airports.

Aeroflot- SVO
Rossiya- VKO, just like Transaero in it’s last two years. Also They have bases in ROV, LED, REN, which were main hubs for former Donavia, Rossiya and Orenair.

Transaero had 20 of them; and most( i heard 14) are being repaired and delivered to Rossiya; anyway they all are owned by three Russian banks.

Transaero used them on:

  1. Sochi, Simferopol, Mineralnye Vody from Moscow Domodedovo and Vnukovo airports during high summer season.
    In C12Y510 config (!). (Though five frames had Imperial first-class cabin), and they were almost sold-out flights, with extremely low prices.

  2. Moscow/Saint-Petersburg to Vladivostok, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Yuzhno-Sahalinsk and maybe few more daily flights to Russia’s Far East

  3. Moscow DME/VKO to Saint-Petersburg LED flights.

  4. USA,Canada, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Dominican Republic, Vietnam, Turkey, Egypt, South and Central America,
    Europe flights to Barcelona and Austria, also Rimini;
    India, China, Hong-Kong.

And a lot more, most are for tourists

Or you think they haven’t heard about other countries? Whole world. A pity that there was no Australia flight.

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So, Rossiya plans to use them at the same routes.
It’s like new Transaero, but in Aeroflot hands.

Few frames that are delivered already make some flights, mainly Moscow- Sochi and Simferopol, two most popular summer domestic destinations.

Same for 777-300s they take from Transaero, the same routes everywhere.

Now even Vim Airlines holds a 777 for Sochi, Simferopol nd Far East routes)) unique aircraft)

Wow…I thought Corsair held the record for most seats on a 747. And that was a -200…


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