First overnighter / KDEN - LIRF ✈️

Today I flew an overnighter from Denver to Rome 🇺🇸🇮🇹, which I’m happy to say it’s my first overnighter. I saw lots of things on the replay while looking for photos to take. Hope you like them

Takeoff from Denver 🛫🇺🇸

Bye, America! ✈️🇨🇦

Landing video

Arriving at Rome! 🛬🇮🇹

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Hope you liked them… if not…


nothing happens!


My 1st was Miami to Buenos Aires, it was fun

Great shots BTW!

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my first was lax to omdb it was fun

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Mine was very fun too, and thanks!

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I approve of your departure airport!

KDEN is my home airport!


my first that I attempted was MUN-JFK. lets just say it didn’t go as planned

Wait what? Don’t tell me you ended in china!

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nope, but there was a nice speeen to it!

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