First Overnight Flight!

A couple of days ago, I decided I wanted to do an overnight flight. So last night I took off from Sydney, Australia and this morning I landed at Los Angeles, USA.

Flight information:

  • Route: YSSY-KLAX
  • Server: Expert Server (although I did see an A-10 at Los Angeles sooo…)
  • Flight Time: 13:25

Without further ado, here is what y’all came for:


Parked at the gate in Sydney with three other United aircraft.


Thundering out of Sydney!


Goodbye Australia, hello wide open ocean!


At cruising altitude, a beautiful sunset behind us.


A beautiful night sky as everyone is going to sleep.


A sunrise as we near our TOD.


We finally see land after 13 hours of ocean!


On long final for runway 7R.


A very smooth landing as an American 777 gets ready for departure.

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Happy Holidays Y’all!


Hope you enjoyed.
Nice pics as wel👍, happy holidays to you too😊

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Thanks! I did, it was very fun.

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great photos man those were some awesome picture merry christmas my man

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Loving the pictures! Merry Christmas:)

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@Lilmike and @Jxshua Thank y’all and Merry Christmas to you too!

I really love how the pictures were edited , thanks for sharing it !

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Thank you very much! Happy Holidays!

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