First Officer View

The first officer view is basically just the other side of the cockpit, in the seat next to Captain’s seat.


The Proposal

For this request, I propose that all aircraft in Infinite Flight be equipped with a First Officer view. If that isn’t possible, I propose it be added to all new aircraft coming into Infinite Flight.

Why a First Officer View?

The First Officer view allows you to see the cockpit in a whole new angle, which may be a bit difficult on landing when you’re not used to being there. Also, it would provide a realistic feel when joining a VA, because you can start off at the right seat and work your way to the left seat.

My Opinion

Personally, I’d love it! It would provide a whole new experience when flying, and would allow me to truly be a first officer when I first join a VA, instead of automatically being in the Captain’s seat. Although it will take some time to retrofit certain aircraft in order to include the First Officer view, I’m sure that it will be worth it. With the CRJ update coming next, I truly believe that this would be an amazing feature to have.


Yes, I know the picture is on Pinterest, but I couldn’t locate a specific owner. If you can redirect me to one, it’ll be greatly appreciated!

Hmm, it’s a nice idea but I don’t really see it adding much functionality. On the other hand, it would be a nice thing to have and won’t be too difficult to implement so I’m not sure…

Is it an extra feature that we don’t need or something that would be truly useful? Thoughts anyone?


You got my vote!

Wait, I don’t have any left

You got my love…?


so true, I go to land on other flight sims in copilot view and it is really hard. This would be a really nice addition


I will really like to land in IF ont the right seat, It sound good !!
i will vote when able


a new angle in the cockpit will definitely offer a whole new experience for all pilots in infinite fllight


I like the idea a lot! Got my vote, I think it would be nice to fly from the right seat from now and then.


Each and every update we get new beautiful camera angles.

But the one which would bring a whole new experience to IF, the one angle every real life pilot sees in their career… That angle won’t be added.

The First Officer view would bring a new experience and a very realistic view to the game. I hope that it may be added with the CRJ 200/900/1000.


Not gonna lie, I was almost 100% sure we would get that camera angle with this update! Since we got other cockpit camera angles, I’m sure this one wouldn’t be the hardest thing in the world to implement. I guess we do still have some hope with the next aircraft!


Hope we get this in the TBM😀


Nice tiny idea but I think there are better views to be added and a lot of planes need view reworks

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This would be great, especially if shared cockpit is to ever be added. One FO and one captain. Would be super fun with this no matter if it is added or not. Unfortunately I am out of votes. Sorry

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This makes a world of sense and should’ve been one of the new cockpit camera views that debuted with CRJ700. I was honestly surprised it wasn’t.

F/O view would add a lot of value to the sim and shouldn’t be too hard to implement given the other cockpit views we have. You have my vote!

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I agree! Adding a view like this would be fun, as it would change the perspective and something we aren’t used to.

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I would like this to be added. It would be very convenient if you were training to become a first officer.

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I hope this wil be added in the WIP of the 737😍

Haven’t been on my account or infinite flight in general for a while; was bummed out to see this wasn’t included with the new CRJs or TBM. Let’s hope this gets added soon though!


I also think it would would good to implement because pilots going into the regionals need to know how to fly in the right seat so I think it would be a great learning experience for people


I think First Officer view would be a very fun to use, specially for landing. xD I think this view would bring a challenge for everyone trying to land in this view.


I tried to do this and an admin shut it down.