First Officer Lee’s Questions About ATC Instructions

No, just ceck in


Where will I be able to see the heading of the airport?

What do you mean by “the heading of the airport”?

Nvm, I figured it out.

Another question, are ATC Altitude instructions based on MSL or AGL?

MSL always on approach

They are given in MSL
Edit: Ignore this written above twice

No, u just need to check in

You may have instructions on tower frequency like “descend to pattern altitude” which is measured AAL, but on approach/ radar you will always be vectored in MSL as it is the altitude the app detects (autopilot…)

Wait, when I’m going around, do I go around the airport until aligned with the runway on the localized?

Can you give me an example of a “pattern alttitude”

I do not understand what you are trying to say

Pattern altitude is 1500ft above Airport Level.

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Pattern alt is the standard hight for a circuit.
Jets are 1500ft AAL
Props are 1000ft AAL

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Lemme simplify it, what am I supposed to do when issued a go around.

Have a look at the #tutorials category it has answers to most of your questions 😉

In the event of an go-around, do I request landing again?

Then if tower switch you to approach, announce missed approach and they will vector like your previous approach (likely) unless new request issued

My final question (for now), what is a “traffic pattern”