First_Officer_Lee’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ RKSI

WASSUP IFC! I’m F/O Lee, I’m currently not IFATC, I was thinking about applying but I got my first ghost and I’ve gotta wait for 2 months. For now, I would like improve my skills with civilized pilots! I’m gonna be controlling Tower/Ground.

Display Name: First Officer Lee

Server: Training

Stations: Ground/Tower

Status: Open for 30 minutes

Departing: 16, 15R, 15L

Landing: 16, 15R, 15L

Hope to see some of you there. Feel free to give harsh BUT helpful criticism and tips!

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I’ll stop by. Do note that in the future, patternwork shouldn’t be allowed in IMC (when visibility is less than 3SM or 5000M). :)

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Instrument meteorological conditions?

Yup. More information can be found in 6.3 of the ATC Manual.

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Sorry if I’m a little slow and not the best with my commands.

I’m still learning

Thanks for opening! You’ve got some work to do, but there are plenty of people who are around to help you out if you have any questions (including myself). I’ve listed my observations below; note that a Zulu time accompanies most bullets so that you can easily locate each instance in your replay for review.


  • 1404Z: When I requested a takeoff clearance, you told me to line up and wait (abbreviated as LUAW). If there’s no reason to have some LUAW, just clear them for takeoff. A runway crossing or exiting arrival would be two reasons to have someone LUAW, but neither were present in this scenario.

  • 1405Z: When I requested permission to takeoff, I added that I was “remaining in the pattern.” However, when you cleared me, you did not add a direction (i.e. "make left/right traffic). These directions should be incorporated whenever someone is remaining in the pattern so that the pilot knows where to turn.

  • 1409Z: You asked for my intentions. I already told you my intentions when I requested a takeoff clearance - I wanted to remain in the pattern. Therefore, this command was unnecessary.

  • 1409Z: After I stated my intentions, you told me to turn base. If you’d like to give me a pattern entry, you’ll need to select “enter left/right base RWY XX”. “Turn base” does not suffice as a pattern entry.

  • 1409Z: After telling me to turn base, you cleared me for the option. While the clearance was technically correct, you cleared me for runway 16 when I had taken off from 15R. In order to switch runways, you must issue a pattern entry, sequence (if applicable) and a clearance. Thus, this was incorrect because I did not receive a pattern entry prior to my clearance.

  • 1412Z: You instructed me to enter left downwind for runway 16. When someone is remaining in the pattern, they do not require pattern entries - only sequences and clearances. In this case, the proper action would have been to clear me for the option.

  • 1415Z: You told me to turn base when I was already turning base. This was a bit unnecessary as I was already established on the base leg and didn’t need to be told to turn again. Furthermore, unless you have other factors (such as departing traffic or sequencing conflicts), you should allow the pilot to begin their base turn at their discretion.

  • 1416Z: You cleared me to land instead of the option. Remember that when someone is in the pattern, you should clear them for the option since this allows for a touch & go, stop & go, low flyover and full stop landing. By clearing me to land, I had no choice but to exit the runway upon touching down.

  • 1420Z: I didn’t receive an exit runway command. These should be given at around 60-70 knots for jet aircraft and about 30-40 knots for GA aircraft. The pilot should not have to exit the runway and request for a frequency change in order to contact ground.

  • 1420Z: When I switched to ground, you immediately told me to taxi to parking. It’s advised that you wait for the aircraft to announce their intentions before issuing anything. For example, if I wanted to taxi to runway 16 for departure, this would have been cumbersome because I was told to taxi to parking.

Miscellaneous Observations

  • You generally want to choose your active runways based on wind direction. The current METAR states that wind is 30001KT. In order to determine the direction of the wind, take the first three digits of that phrase (300). This means that the wind is coming from a heading of 300. You want your runway heading to match up with those three digits as close as possible, so the “correct” choice of runways would have been 33L, 33R and 34.

  • I already mentioned how visibility affects airport operations, so see my above post for more details on that. :)

  • I understand that SODPROPS is fairly common IRL, but it is not encouraged within Infinite Flight. You had me taxi to 15R while there was an inbound on the 33s (that was later switched to 34). Because this is the training server, you can’t do much about inconsiderate pilots, but do note that once you’ve selected a set of runways, you should stick to that until external conditions force it to be changed.

Overall, not too bad. I highly recommend reading up on the ATC Manual (linked in post #7) as well as going through the tower/ground videos of Infinite Flight’s YouTube tutorials. Tyler and Mark do a fantastic job of explaining how ATC works for our purposes, and I think that you’ll find both of these resources to be very useful.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. If not, keep on practicing and I’m sure you’ll be ready to join the ranks of IFATC soon. :)

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