First Non-Rev Trip Report. Allegiant KMEM-KFLL

Hello IFC, Today I got to take my first trip as a non rev on my company. The flight was full except two open seats! This is a non biased review as I’ve never travelled Allegiant! Here’s the report.
We departed Memphis on time and climbed to an altitude of 35,000 feet where we had continuous light to moderate chop the whole time. Both my girlfriend and I got free snacks and drinks since we worked for the company. Overall I’d give the experience a 8/10. I personally think that Allegiant gets a bad rep and that people aren’t giving them a chance.
Flight crew:8.5/10
Beverage service:9/10
Tray Tables:2/10


Love to see these non-revers! I used to do this quite a bit when my mom worked for Alaska.

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It’s quite fun but can be very challenging

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