First Night Playing - Landed at an Interesting Strip...

I live in Wellington NZ, and was amazed to see a Sounds Air paint scheme for the Caravan. So thought it would be fun to fly to Picton and land there. The air strip was a little challenging to say the least:

Was thinking, wow the 18 approach is a bit mountainy. I will go around and try from the other side. Crashed first attempt, rewound a minute of time and tried again to just pull up to where in the video.

Game is a lot of fun, and a bit of a marvel to have on a phone, as a game dev myself I am very impressed. Thanks Infinite Flight Team. I have not flown in a flight sim for years, but this works very well.


Hey man, Welcome to the forum! This does seem as an interesting approach it appears.Glad you could share your experience. If you want you can as well post your topic here: What’s The Hardest Approach You’ve Done So Far? to share your expirences on the approach! We appreciate your post today and again , welcome to the forum!


Ah I know why it seems so strange. The runway is probably meant to be slanted :> I’m glad you made it down. Now, can you takeoff 😉

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Slanted? As in one end is higher than the other? Not according to the ground chart:

I’m not complaining, there are so many airports and so much ground data to cover, there are bounds to be oddities like this. In NZ as well, with how hilly parts are, and the strips and snuck into the flat valleys they can fit them in.

Slightly annoyed that Wellington airport is missing some of it’s approach waypoints. But a search on the forums shows me a fix for this is on the way.


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