First Nation Airways Airbus A319

First Nation Airways is a Nigerian airline that was founded on April 2011. It is a very small airline with only 1 plane, an A319 which shuttles passengers from Lagos Murtala Mohammed international airport to Nnamdi Azikiwe international airport. It was owned by an Italian low cost airline Wind Jet. It recently released 2 A320s as it could not keep up with their maintenance.
The airlines livery as seen represents the colour of the Nigerian national flag. I love the livery of the airline and I think it would be a great a wonderful addition to the sim.

Image gotten from .5N-FND | Airbus A319-113 | First Nation Airways | Robert Komlosdi | JetPhotos

Beautiful livery but still out of votes :(

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No problem I just hope I get more replies


Oh this is a very beautiful livery we need it in the sim


The aircraft in your photo is an a320, but your request is an a319…

Btw, can you please supply us with a sufficient photo. Google images can literally be any image on the internet.

All in All, Nice Request and Good Luck.

I have edited it, I think this should suffice

Nice livery! I like this!

Come on guys we can get more votes than this.

Beautiful livery! Hope it makes it to the sim.

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Yo bro nice one we don dey plenty

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I really like this livery it is bright and colourful I really hope FDS add this in a later update

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Thanks for the vote and comment really appreciate it

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:heart_eyes: i love this livery

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Thanks for the vote I too really love this livery

I really hope this livery is added to IF I really would love to see it in the sim