First Month on the Ramp

Hello IFC, Today I present a work update on what it’s been like the past month on the job working as an LST or Line Service Tech at my local commercial airport! All these photos were taking during the no busy times of day and were taken inside the building enjoy!


I really like you photos

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Very Nice Photos! What a lucky Job!

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Looks like a lot of fun mate. Congratulations!

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MaxSez @N1DG… “Ramp Dog” appears your working an FBO. Been there done that, Words to live by; Wear you ear muffs, stop, look and listen and never eat the green ice even on a hot day. Where’s yr N1 running mate?
Warm Regards, Max


Max, ear muffs are must! Always look stop and listen for incoming aircraft! He will be on the ramp soon enough with a trash hauler company


Thanks! It’s a great job that I can’t complain at all

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