First month at GAF

Hey guys! It was a month ago or so since I’ve joined GAF and I gotta tell you it’s a blast! Really threw me back into IF when I got bored. And because of this I wanted to share some of the fun things I’ve done with a bunch of friends I’ve made!
-Airframes used: F-16, Kc-10

1st picture: Viper 1 and 8 on patrol

2nd picture: Primo 78 providing joint AAR with the coast guard

Picture 3: Primo 78 on return flight

Picture 4: Viper 1 and 8 after successful bombing tests in FL

Picture 5: Viper 8 headed down to FL


Wow, seems like a fun organization! 😅


Wow! I love the pics mate! Hope you will enjoy your stay in GAF !

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GAF is awesome… love the photos. Always a honor and pleasure flying with you, been having so much fun this year.

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That looks amazing!

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