First Lufthansa A350 rolls out with paint

The first A350 for lufthansa has rolled out of the paint shop. Estimated first flight is the 23rd of November.

Photos by Airbus

What do people think?


Amazing aircraft

Great aircraft. The Lufthansa livery suits jt

Never been on Lufthansa or an a350 but I have been right up to the first ever Qatar airways a350 when it came out

Our gate for the Qatar airways a380 to Heathrow from Qatar was right next to it

Oh yea, looks amazing, and I am sure a lot of people will like it.

German beauty!


a new baby

Cool, its first flight is estimated on my birthday :)

This aircraft is awesome! I love it!

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The aircraft looks really weird without engines. Guess I’m just used to seeing them with engines. Beautiful livery and plane though πŸ˜‰.

Approval from me!

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I can’t wait to see her flying!


YYeeessssss!!! What a beauty. 😍

Airbus is better than Boeing!


I love it, it looks so good! Really hope this is added to IF.

I would love to see this in IF!

Come to Munich bae 😘✈

It will be based in Munich. It will fly Munich-Delhi, Munich-Boston. So you are in luck


I know. First few A350s will be based in Munich.
Bad luck Frankfurt nuts.
Sad to slowly see the A346s go πŸ™


Im looking forward to seeing it in Hong Kong