First Look On Open Beta 21.1

I just got join in Open Beta 21.1 and it’s so cool to play with new 3D buildings and realistic clouds! With this new features, it brings more realism to this game and much more fun to see now.

So I decided to share a few screenshot with new 3D buildings in Open Beta 21.1

Small rework C-17 departs at Los Angeles

A321 Jet Blue parked in the terminal at San Francisco

Very good bridge design on right A321 Frontier

Shine the Qantas B747-400 at Sydney

The good old B717 with new texture


Looks great! Love all the photos! But can I get some clarification? Is this when there was an open-beta? Because, you can’t join 21.1 open-beta since the game is on 21.2.

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Nice shots, did you edit these because they have a nice clear look to them if you know what I mean 😂

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I presume it was during Open Beta but the OP just worded it in a way that we would think that he’s still in Open Beta. You can’t still be in Open Beta at this time because it’s closed and complete.

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Hey there!

Awesome photos! Not sure if you noticed yet but Infinite Flight featured one of your photos in this topic on their social media accounts!

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i wish i could use 3D buildings, but my device is not compatible :((

Yes, I do notice that and I’m not expecting that happen. It’s really awesome! 😁