First Long Haul

Hey there. I’m currently doing my first transatlantic flight with the a330. If anyone wants to track my flight and have someone be approach, tower, ground, and atis when I land, it would mean so much to me. If anyone wants to track me, I’m going to temporary cruise at FL350 and work my way up, Departed out of JFK, and now flying to the HFD vor, and arrival airport is EGLL, aircraft type is an a330 Virgin Atlantic. Will keep posted on my flight. :)


About to fly over Boston!!!

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Greetings @Ryan_boi,

Controllers open frequencies whenever they are available, if you need ATC services I’ll need to see your time of arrival. Once I have that, I can contact some IFATC friends of mine.



Thank you very much. I’m just saying that it’s optional if you want to.

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Now climbing to FL370!!

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I can’t open any frequencies for you due to my ATC region being US West. Are you able to provide the time of arrival? If you can, it would help.


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If you are flying on the Expert Server, you may request ATC at your arrival airport in the region’s respective tracking thread.

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thank you. Will do

it will be around 2021-09-12T21:05:00Z maybe a bit later, maybe a bit earlier. Idk. The winds are changing speeds all the time.

I just did. Thank you

I just entered the Atlantic Ocean and just about to pass my first Oceanic Track way point NICSO.

''OK-ATC Heavy, Radar services terminated, have a good flight, and good luck!"
Just left Gander Airspace!! 1 step closer to landing at EGLL.

I see you!

Enjoy the rest of your flight mate!
Hope you butter the landing!

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Thank you!!!

I will edit the time of my arrival every once in a while because the winds always changing.

Have a fun Flight 🇺🇸🇬🇧

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About half way through!!!

Alright i might be able to hop in. Will come back to u on that

Thank you so much

Send some pics