First Long Haul!

Expert Server

About an hour out from Beijing. Flew KLAX-ZBAA. This should be my first successful long haul (I’ve attempted in the past, but usually end the flight before I get to land, or wake up to see I’m 500NM past my destination LOL).

This flight was a success because I got a new phone, and now no longer have to fly using my primary device!

If you’re gonna be in the area or wanna stop on by, look out for me! Wish me luck!


Edit: I’ve got over 120 hours flight time, and yet not one flight over 6 hours I’d say, I’m all about long distances but never been able to realistically do it!


Yey, good luck! You’ll see, it’s actually very easy, have fun 😊

One piece of advice: Don’t forget to turn off the fasten seatbelt signs. It’s uncomfortable for passenger if they’re not allowed to use the toilets during such a long flight.



IFAssistant told the passengers that they could purchase a snack for a nominal charge, so I think they’re already famished or broke by now LOL

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Me and my friend are flying right now the same route… but from ZBAA - KLAX ✈️ Happy Landings mate… my call Sign is AIVA204. 🏁✈️

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Congratulations on your first long haul flight! I have never done a long haul, I should try that in the future.

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Im in the air right now as well. CYVR-RKSI as Air Canada 63. Expert server as an AC 787-9

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Congrats Man!👍👍

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