first long haul

so im doing my first long haul flight. klax - egll and I am panicking because I don’t know when to start decent I have looked at everything but it all mentions “fix altitude” or “target altitude” could someone explain please how to determine the target or fix altitude please. I don’t want to mess up my first long haul.

Start around 150 NM out, slow down to .83 and put your spoilers to flight, and decent at around 2000 fps, too 11,000 stop at 11,000 slow down to 230-240 keep spoilers up, and than normal decent till you line up with localizer, and spoilers only to prevent overspeeding :)


I can make a flight plan for you, and once you reach a certain waypoint it will tell you how to descend. What me to?

I appreciate it but I had already started

thank you :))

explain more @Alphadog4646 please

Dimples: plenary of topics on this on the IFC.

However easier to remember is take your FL (is Fl380 = 38000) the devise by 3, then add 10 nm, for slow down and you are there.

For example : FL380/3=126nm + 10 =136nm

Therefore start your descent at 136nm Distance to Go ( DTG).

Check out this vid for further tips!


If you don’t know when or how to descend, I recommend calculating the TOD (Top of Descent) as @Alphadog4646 explained.

Here is another guide on how to calculate the TOD.

And good luck with your long haul!! 👋 @VulicityHD

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how do you know what the target altitude is?

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Is this the same thing you sent me when i asked lol

In simple terms, the target altitude is the height of the airport. You can check this by select Ming it in the map.


thank you guys!

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Heathrow’s (EGLL‘s) surface altitude in IF is 83 feet above MSL.

Have a good flight @VulicityHD! I have no idea when to start decent either on routes I haven’t done before.

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If the airport Alt is under 100ft then I just use 0 as my target altitude


That’s very reasonable, just wanted to provide the information as I did a flight while being on the community.

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I do this very similarly. at 100nm from next waypoint (my waypoints are usually 20-30nm before the ILS/GPS because I set up for landing. If its long haul, 150nm out, short haul and below FL280, 100 or 120nm. I descend to 12,000ft and slow down to 240/220, then slowly descend to around 3,500ft AGL for the ILS. I am flying a long haul right now, from New Dehli to San Francisco. Its 15 and a half hours…


I’m going to do a long-haul KJFK - KSEA soon. American Airlines 787

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