First long haul

Hi I just started my first long haul and was wondering if anybody has any tips like how not to crash when you fall asleep (I will be sleeping some of the flight.


Make sure you’re phone is connected to a power supply so it doesn’t run out of battery. Set the lowest brightness, and the graphics at their lowest. I also set the time to night. It’s also important that you’re phone stays on!
What phone do you have?

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so you gonna be doing a flight with a 747? you better come up with a very good fuel planning as well as step climbing if you don’t wanna wake up to the crash screen with 5/6 violations LOL.


Make sure you have maximum fuel and do it on the casual server! You’ll avoid some violations and/or ghostings if you fall asleep.

Like real planes they don’t just fall out the sky so with some careful planning you should be fine.

Good luck.

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I think it’s not necessary to have max fuel and to do it on casual. If you plan your flight carefully (, everything should be alright. Make sure, if you’re heavy, to not start at an altitude that is too high. With a heavy 747, I would go to FL320/330 first

I completed my second long haul today.
Here are my tips

  • Plug in your phone
  • Turn down your brightness all the way
  • Plan your flight using
  • Takeoff at the right time or else you will fly by your destination when you’re asleep
  • Keep the camera mode on scenic (to prevent screen-burn in; important with OLED devices)
  • Calculate your fuel (always add more just in case)
    Those are my tips. I hope you found these helpful!

Here is my screenshot! I flew from PHNL - NZAA (9 hours)
B777-300ER, Air New Zealand (All-Blacks)


Great pictures and good job on the first long haul, but if you could post the pictures to the #screenshots-and-videos category and follow the proper procedure, that would be great. Thanks!

I don’t get why everyone’s worried about violations. If u set the auto pilot and set all settings it should be fine

Yeah you don’t want the image to burn into your screen. May or may not have had that happen before…

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