First long haul with the new A333!

Just a 1st long haul with the “temporal non-butter machine”, from EIDW to KLAX. :=)

  • Server: Expert
  • Aircraft: Shown in the pics
  • Route: EIDW-KLAX
  • Flight Time: 10:19h
  • Butter: Hmm…

Loading that Irish flying pencil for a nice trip to LAX

@Airnico_9962_on_YT taxiing behind me, bound to SFO.

Full power takeoff with the buildings on the background.

Moonshot_attempt_409 = FAILED

Chillin’ over Colorado.

SoCal mountain Vibes

Lowering that gear so the plen lands

Buurger spotting

Just pretend this was butter, ok?

About to deload the passengers from the new flying pencil.

Hope you liked it! See you in the next one :)


Awesome pics!


So I shall assume you landed <-100fpm?


Thank you! :)

Find it yourself ;)


Lmao love the pictures. I did EGLL-EIDW-KSFO.
After I woke up I was looking for you but I couldn’t find you and I assumed you disappeared. But here you are

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I was way behind you ;=)

Thank you so much :)

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Oh yea I remember flying under you on the track. I was accidentally doing M.83 when I mean to do M.81

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Idk if this was on purpose, but here’s a tip for everyone whose moon disappears in the final shot:

Ok, so you are setting the angle and you just found the perfect pic. If you took more than 5 seconds to do that, it’s most likely that the moon will go home and not appear in your pic, but, if when you find the angle, you pause the replay, then go to time, move the bar again and put the moon exactly where you want, go back to replay and take the screenshot, you’ll succeed! 🤠👍🏼

I hope it’s understandable.

Nice pics!


Not really. Just having fun :)

Thank you!

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Love the shots 10/10 from me bravo! 🙂

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Thank you! :)

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Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeechniccally you dont NEED to lower the gear to land. But you should


Hahahahaha Aren’t You Sure ? 🤣

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Wow!! Amazing 😍

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Hmmm… :=)

IDK. Probably

Appreciate it!

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Well unless you’re rich and have nothing to spend on maybe a no gear landing would let you spend your money

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