First Long Haul! || Virgin Atlantic 789 from LHR to HKG

So I just recently joined IF pro and decided to try my hand at a long haul flight. Decided to do the LHR - HKG route by Virgin Atlantic. Felt pretty excited to be honest

Aircraft: 787-9
Airline: Virgin Atlantic
Route: London Heathrow to Hong Kong Chep Lap Kok
Server: Casual
Flight Time: 10 Hours

Wanted to know about other stories about memorable long hauls


Hello and welcome to this awesome community I hope you enjoy it here,

Those are some great shots there mate.

My most memorable first ultra long haul was from Los Angeles to Melbourne with a Qantas Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner the flight time was 14 hours and 14 minutes, my first long haul was from London City to New York with a British Airways Airbus A318 I had to divert because I was low on fuel then I refueled and continued the flight to JFK.


Welcome! 🎉
Great pictures and I hope to see you on expert in the future 😁

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Welcome to IFC!
Those are amazing, that flight is so impressive! Great job! 😃👍🏻😁

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I agree with you they look amazing

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Hey! Welcome to IFC!

I have actually flown this exact flight, with the exact same plane, but on Expert.

A memorable long haul for me was KIAD-LSGG because it was my first time landing at a busy airport on Expert. I landed with -300fpm with a 767 lol

You should do krdu to lfpg. Delta operates that route in an A330 and normally Paris can be busy

That was my first long haul. Takeoff from londen city in a BA A318 callsign :SpeedBird001 and stop at Shannon then refuel and continue to jfk. Amazing flight on the baby bus


This is why I always make long-haul flights…
The SCE-NE-RY ❤️ (The best is HGK^^ )

It’s a nice flight but I got very strong winds.

Welcome to the IFC and the IF world!

You’ll enjoy your stay ;) That is only one of many many many routes you can do in IF!

Ahh, my first long-haul flight, LHR-JNB or LHR-JFK (One of them)