First Long-Haul Suggestions

So, I’ve never done a long haul, and since I’ve just reached my first 100’s hours flight time I wanted to do my first as the next flight. It’s kinda big for me, it’s like my first time wink wink, any suggestions? Airline, route, anything will be appreciated. Thanks!

There’s a thread for this…
But EGLL-FIMP in a Lufthansa A380 or B7478 is the best!

I really don’t like double deckers

Okay. Well then. You could do it in a triple 7. Or the A340.

Have a look here:

Just not sure, what is fimp?

Will do, thanks!

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Wow, never heard of it

It can handle A380s. Kinda like a Tenerife

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I would suggest flights to/from San Jose like below:

  1. London–Heathrow to San Jose (10 hours 40 minutes) as BA279
  2. Tokyo–Narita to San Jose (9 hours 30 minutes) as NH172
  3. Beijing–Capital to San Jose (11 hours) as HU7989

Then all of these trips back :)

  1. San Jose to London–Heathrow (10 hours) as BA278
  2. San Jose to Tokyo–Narita (11 hours 15 minutes) as NH171
  3. San Jose to Beijing–Capital (12 hours) as HU7990

San j to lht what plane?

BA 787 i’d recommend

Will think about it. Bigger decision of my life lol…raccomand fly in expert servers, right?

British Airways flies their 789s, Hainan flies there 788s although you would have to the Generic livery, and ANA flies their 788s as well, although you would have to use the 78X or the Generic 788

Yes, you should fly on Expert for realism

Then imma wait till saturday, stupid violations got me back to tra

Violations either you don’t get them or you get distracted and get 10 per flight

EGLL-VHHH or do what I do a lot, EGLL-VHHX (Kai tak) more fun on the approach 😉
Do it in a 747 either ba or Cathay

777-300ER American Airlines kdfw- egll

You could try a flight that is around 8-9 hours as an overnight flight. There is EGLL-KDFW and EDDF-KORD that comes to mind. My suggestion is you stay awake of the first 45 and last 45 minutes of the flight especially if you are going to land at an airport with ATC.

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