First long haul flight

Hello everyone,

After having a year flying experience on infinite flight, I haven’t really flown a long haul flight, but it was time for me to do it. After carefully looking for flightplan and finally looking for the entire duration of the flight I decided I was ready.

I’ve flown with the austrian b777-200, had my departure set in Vienna and arrival in KLAX.
But there where some issues, i thought a 80% full fuel tank would do the job, I was wrong, in the predictions of the simulator my fuel would only bring me 9 hours further while my full flight would take 11 hours. I decided to make a quick stop in EHAM, Schiphol. The overall flight went smooth. And I had my sleep.

And lastly my landing went OK but I accidentally pressed the brake button, without my knowing, and my aircraft did make a full stop on the runway. That was embarrassing. Did spoil my whole landing and is quite annoying if you have flown 12 hours

Anyways I have some Screenshots of the landing here beneath. I hope you enjoy them!



I love the affects, it makes it realistic


Congratulations for your first long haul flight !