First Long Haul Flight

I am currently doing a flight from Cape Town (FACT) to London Heathrow(EGLL). As much I wish to show y’all some photos, I’m using a tablet for flying and computer for IFC. The longest one I tried was KSFO-PHNL. I fell from the sky and a violation. I am on the Expert Server and callsign is N456RL in a BA 787-9. I don’t think that BA does that, but it’s the only I trust with flying long periods of time.


Good luck mate!

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No need to not trust the other aircraft! They use the exact same autopilot system to keep you in the air.


its the fuel i trust the most. ik u know y

I understand. In the fuel selection page you can actually see an estimate of how much time you have with the fuel you have selected so that may help.

yes ik. i have plenty. might dump on descent. have a good day

Hi man,

Already, I made it my game Infinite Flight MD-11 - log livery, IF too only direction non-stop from Helsinki to Johannesburg then and again came back to Helsinki, too.

hi. i crashed. idk y. Happened yesterday but didn’t have time for update. Plane was flying good, had 4 hrs and 36 mins left, calm winds, cruse at FL35o, I wasn’t paying attention, was doing school work, checked live flight, seemed like it turned left when it wasn’t supposed to, checked replay, airspeed indicator shows that plane wasn’t going, nose pitched up violently, nose dived into into land, same thing happened to me at a flight from KSFO-PHNL. Will see if i can post the crash. I need help @infiniteflight_17 @tunamkol @amaryahjohnson1996

this was a known issue yesterday, happened to everyone, you just got unlucky

ill see if i can do another long haul flight. thx for info. i thought i couldn’t fly planes all of a sudden. lol

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If you want to do more long hauls a really great flight is DFW-LHR, for some reason I love doing that route

ok. thx for recommendation. will try soon.

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@Ryan_boi Same thing happened to me. Unlucky for you, that this bug happened during your first long haul.

It wasn’t your fault and just try again!

They’re flying the 772 atm and that’s a pretty trust-worthy plane in IF

i am currently doing a flight from Vancouver to Boston. Not quite a long haul but i have to go somewhere soon. Will try a 5+ hr flight very soon

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also for anyone wondering I was typing this on my phone so these are typos lmao

lol. no wonder. XD

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