First long haul flight at IBVA / LEMD - SCEL / A359 @ Iberia

First Long Haul at IBVA

This photo is from my first long haul at @anon14761840 his photo is from my first long haul at @Iberial with this beautiful A350-900 from Iberia. And very good ATC at SCEL


Route : LEMD - SCEL
Aircraft : Airbus A350-900
Airline : Iberia
Server : Expert
Flight Time : 13:05

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you got the wrong poll type

why Is it the wrong ?

Hi! Nice photos! One question where was this taken? was it on the approach path? if so what runway. :D

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Is on approach at SCEL - Arturo-Merino-Benítez on approach RWY17L
And thanks for the feedback

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I just did this flight today as well 😂

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Cool flight! looks like fun! 😎