First long haul arrival was nice

Expert server
Morning arrival with British Airways


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Nice picture! I love the angle.

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Thank you!

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Is this considered a long haul?

Welcome to the community! That’s a very nice picture!

Congrats on the flight and welcome to the community. Nice picture too!

Thats a medium haul but still a good photo.

My bad @HadenJohnson , as an amateur I considered ~ 8 hours to be long haul.
Thanks for letting me know!

No problem. Usually 10+ is what i consider a long haul.

Awesome Screenshot! Welcome aboard!

For some people it’s a long haul for other it’s a medium haul. Generally in avation 8+hrs is a long haul. By the way great photo 🥰

Full agree with you @FlyingTuna!!

It´s very exciting when you are arriving to the airport.

At my case, it was my 20th flight when I crossed the Atlantic ocean, EGLL-KJFK) with a Delta B-767.

I started from Terminal 3 at EGLL. The server was a desert, but at Heathrow I found two colleagues taxiing to 27R, (both BA airplanes,1-B777 and 1-A380)

I had slept from 2AM to 7AM and I prepared the landing. While I was touching ground in 22L, a Qatar A346 were taking off then I waited to other A346 Lufthansa took off by the same runway to cross runway.

I thought that all was prepared to coincide with other people.

Unfortunately, I lost all my photos of some flights.




Awesome pictures. I might add, welcome to IFC!

That’s a nice explanation!

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