First Long Haul and Transatlantic Flight

This was a flight of KJFK to EGLL in the a330 Virgan Atlantic. Started at 2021-09-12T14:40:00Z, and ended at 2021-09-12T19:05:00Z. This was flown in the Exper Server. Btw, this was my first long huol flight

1.) Beep Boop. Filing Flight plan…

2.) Taxing to the Rwy now

3.) Bye America!!! 👋
4.) Entered the Atlantic

5.) Sunset in cruise

6.) Descending BOIIIIII

7.) Ladies and gentlemen welcome to London Heathrow International Airport.

8.) Taxing to the gate with the British Airways a320.

9.) Arrived at the gate at around 10:30 pm local time

Hope you enjoyed the pics.

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Awesome photos!
Want to do a transatlantic sometime just tell me!

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These are great photos! Thanks for sharing.

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Nice photos!

Congrats on your first long haul across the pond!

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Amazing how your first long haul is to a place in Europe
I remember my first time doing a 12hr flight started in Singapore and ended in Munich

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