First live flight

Hello to everyone,

I am playing Infinite Flight for several weeks now and am still fascinated by this game. Starting, flying and landig (with and without A/P) aren’t a big problem for me anymore (if the weather conditions are allright). Slowly I get bored by flying alone through the maps and practicing approaches - so I want to start flying with the community. As I read in some topics, there are some noobs/fools which start “live flying” and bother the “pro’s” by doing silly things without knowledge.

So my question is, where can I get instructions and rules for the “live flying”? Or are there “chanels” or maps where beginners can start?

Best regards and sorry for my English, it’s not the best

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Hi Jan,

Big welcome to the forums and the community!

I would HIGHLY suggest having a look at @Aernout’s tutorials. Fantastic, simple and well informative FULL of information. There you can learn about pattern procedures, approach speeds, altitude recommendations, visual flying, how to takeoff, land etc etc.

Any specific questions I’ll be happy to give them ago. But your best bet would be to check him out.

Without A/P should be the only option.

He’s new, he’ll learn :)

I’ll be happy to welcome you to the experience with a joint flight. Give me a PM when you have bought your subscription.

All the best

Hey man I recommend starting at a different region than San Francisco. When you purchase live free flight will be the only server you can go into. San Francisco is full of lunatics and people not following rules. I recommend finding a quiet airport and doing touch and goes to build up rating so you can get in the other servers! Welcome!

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Thanks for your help guys! At first I’ll study the tutorials of Aernout at the weekend :)