First Lightroom Edit!

So, I just got the Adobe Lightroom App. And, to say the least, I’m loving it already. It really brings out the textures of aircraft, like this one example. What do you think?


Holy hell that looks AMAZING! You Gotta tell me how you edited this!

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Tell me how too! It looks amazing!

What I think🤔. First impression is Amazing definitely looks like a great app!

Nice editing

The picture looks great, except that it’s a little too bright my eyes hurt 👀😝

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Now that is stunning!

It looks amazing! Very beautiful.

That looks really good - nice and sharp!

Keep it up.

that is stunning! 😍😍

That looks epic!!! 20/10 :) I especially love the background

Looks nice!!!

lol thats a mcdonald script
and did you take a picture with your phone because that looks REAL

That’s awesome! The editing really lights up the plane, the thing is now I feel that the background is too bright. Otherwise it’s amazing!