First Leg of OneWorld Around the World! @ KAUS - 231930ZDEC19

Ok I tuned into approach and they’re vectoring me

wait what runways are we landing on? or requesting at least?

I just requested vectors and they told me 18L

18L is a departures only runway!!!

Oof the realism gods are not with us today

17R on my side

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Maybe we will get a parallel approach!

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this atc is telling me to go on the forums when im doing what im told!

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You can always ask the controller just take note of their username.

Also, @snoman for the future I just want to let you know that there are no gate assignments for group flights. 😬

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Oh really, thanks for letting me know!


wth is the atc doing?

You don’t need to keep checking in, they haven’t forgotten about you :D

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no the keep saying they are going to ghost me for the what they say

If you would like to talk to them, your Approach controller is @Flo_Rauslg and your Tower controller is @sebi-ue

What‘s the issue?

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Don’t really know. 🤷‍♂️

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Ok @Cpt_Zorndy I have to go soon so I’m Parking at the A gates. Thanks for coming and thanks for the ATC!

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ill come and park next to you

well as close as I can get :D

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