First Landing competition @St Barts

Who doesn’t love a fun activity on the weekend?
Your lucky! This Sunday 8th January
St Barts Landing competition

I would love to give this a go and would also love to see people having fun and participate this challenging airport landing attempt. Please go support so we can have more of these!2023-01-08T11:00:00Z2023-01-08T12:00:00Z

Server: Casual
Time: 11am (London time)


  • any LARGE aircraft that can’t fit MUST depart from Princess Juliana airport.
  • once spawn, you MUST depart quickly as possible to avoid congestion and let other user spawn in.
  • you only can have 1 attempt at landing, however aborted before touchdown is allowed for another shot. If you crash, you can have another go.
  • there are 3 categories on the landing rating…
  • Have FUN

If anyone have any questions regarding to this event, please send me a message on here or instagram: infinite_flight_planephotos

All landings and results will be posted on my YouTube.

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