First International Long Haul Trip

1) Hello All, Earlier this month i finally got back to IF after 2 years of not Flying. Today… Well Yesterday i decided would be the day i try to do an Overnight Long Haul Trip. So i flew from Tokyo to Amsterdam. Funny Note, I planned this flight 3 days before it was announced that AMS Would be an FNF hub.
Enjoy the pictures, Doei!

Expert Server | KLM 862
Flight Time. 11H 15MINS
10:20pm EDT to 10:30am EDT

3) Photos
At The Gate in Tokyo-Narita Airport

Turning onto 34R for Takeoff

Heavy Departure 84% Load on takeoff

Climbing over greater Tokyo

Cruising over Artic Waters North Of Russia

Cruising over the north pole.
Can you believe that if we don’t find a more sustainable way to live this ice could all be gone?

Descending via the EEL1A Arrival

Flaring On 18C at Amsterdam after 11 Hours and 15 Minutes in the air

Dank je wel for viewing my pictures, Goedendag:)


Great pics! The description to picture is a bit muddled up though


Really nice pictures! The order is a bit messed up though.

Thanks, i fixed it after realizing:)

Nice pictures!!

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Welcome to the long haul club mate.

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Cool pictures! Glad your back flying again!

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Nice pics.

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