First Infinite Flight Stream! 14MAR21 / 1800Z

Awesome stream! Really enjoyed it! Congrats to the giveaway winners! And kudos to my fellow IFATC controllers who helped make this event awesome! From the spacing, to controlling the event. Thank you everyone for making this possible!


Yeah MJ you guys rocked it! Great stuff.

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I think Tyler being picked for the giveaway was a pretty funny moment. IF’s never gone perfectly with streams… cough @MishaCamp 🤭

Congrats to everyone involved in the stream, nice to see you lot officially taking a big step in streaming and inviting your own content creators to fly with the team (marketing/content creator boost, nice one 😆), great to see the staff pushing and succeeding in expanding out the media and range of Infinite Flight. Also a mini shoutout to every moderator and staff involved in the chat, the humourous lot of you! 😛


still cant believe i won one of the giveaway


The same!
When I saw the comments that mentioned me, I felt my legs tremble!

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i felt my heart drop

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Giveaways you feel you’ll never win, and think they aren’t true. Do the people who are chosen actually get something? Well… Here’s your answer. Ask these two people, we saw it live on stream, and they are real ordinary people, winning a true giveaway from the real host.

Things don’t seem real until you experience those people right in front of you are there to show it 😜


yea, i always join giveaways saying “why not join even if the chances are slim i can dream of one day winning one” and eventually i did win one.


This is a fun stream!

When will be the next one

Ah yes who doesn’t remember when his mum publicly embarrassed him in front of 1000 people and asked if he wanted to watch a Quiz show aha! Definitely a memory!

Thoroughly enjoyed that live-stream this community continues to amaze me fantastic job to every pilot didn’t see any issues and the ATC was phenomenal - really fantastic stuff guys lookin forward to more! 👏


So upset I missed it 😔😔😔😔

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Is there gunna be a full viewing of the stream as missed it sadly :( love NZ time

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There will be for future streams. As this was still the first stream, a few things still needed to be worked out; however, the plan is to allow these streams to be viewed for later viewing. Apologies for the inconvenience.


👍 yay,.’.,

Sweet looking forward to the future streams 😁😁
Ahh DW NZ has its pros and cons 😂

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I can’t wait!

A little late to the show


Looks like the next live stream is this Friday!