First Infinite Flight Stream! 14MAR21 / 1800Z

oh i get it

Is he streaming on infinite flight for us to join?

Welcome aboard! 🛫

Yes, Dan will be streaming on the Infinite Flight account and folks will be able to watch, join in on the flight or both, watch and fly! 🙂


How do I access the live stream?

Go to Infinite Flight’s Twitch channel and you have to wait until the live stream starts. Twitch doesn’t have the option to like say, example. Stream starts in 30 minutes like YouTube does

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I’ll be tuning in! I’m excited to see what’s to come. 😍

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Stream Starting!

Come join Dan, as well as Misha, Laura, and Marc (just to name a few) at!


Very good. Thanks!!!

The streams were an amazing idea!

I just want to point out a thing from a personal note here:

The stream chat is one of the most lit, but still well behaved ones I’ve ever seen.
You peeps are great! <3


A doubt, from that giveway they did now, I was the Lucky One (@guilhermcaldas). Which developers will contact me through?

You have already talked to @Cameron - haven’t you? If so, you’re all set :)

Sorry, you were the 2nd one. My bad! :)

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Excellent work on the stream all! I can’t believe how well behaved 99.99987% of the chat users were. 👏

~Levet aka K1LLSW1TCHED


Was an awesome flight to be apart of! Love the engagement. Thanks Dan and the IF team for putting on an amazing show! Looking forward to the further streams to come!


That was a very nice stream :D looking forward to the next stream :)

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That was absolutely amazing! Great work Dan, IFATC, Moderators, and Jason! Hope to see some more from you guys soon!

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The best part was when everyone was spamming Banana lol.

Very nice stream everyone. IFATC was on point and all
@AviatorDan thank you for hosting it .