First INFINITE FLIGHT plane spotting video in my YT CHANNEL

I have recently started a Youtube Channel and uploaded some videos to start out.
Today, I have just edited a short (4 minute) plane spotting video to start in Infinite Flight featured in WSSS (Singapore Changi).

If u would like to watch the video, the link is the following…

Thanks! Have a good day!


the plane spotting was in Infinite Flight, sorry i didn’t clarify

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oh ok

the thumbnail made me think otherwise 😂

i’ll try to change that in a sec

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did u watch the video?

Looks good, but that first landing wasn’t particularly butter lol

nope it wasn’t 😂😂, that wasn’t me btw, those were random people.
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Lol, was this on training server?

no, it was the expert server

Lol, wouldn’t expect such a thing on there, but may be a one time bad landing like everyone has from time to time.

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wheels of the first landings went to the backrooms for a second there haha


hahaha, fact is that in the expert server, if it weren’t for ATC and strict rules, everything would be going crazy as well😂

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Very true, sometimes I think that it would be better to higher the requirements as there are moments a airport that uses the unicom is going wild like it’s the Casual Server XD

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