First incentive flight aboard a Marine CH-53 Super Stallion


Now that my hearing has returned, I got a really awesome opportunity to get an incentive flight with a TDY Marine Squadron at Peterson AFB today. I have to say this is one of the best things about working directly with airfield management and being tied into the militaries aviation community. She was an old bird and really shakey on taxi and lift off, but it was amazing views once we got airborne over the ranges near Pueblo Colorado and the Pikes Peak area. Here are some of the shots I was able to capture oh on personal note, I conquered my fear of heights when I got the chance to sit out on the back bay door lol. Enjoy the photos. Cheers!



That looks like an awesome experience!


It definitely was man. Love when stuff like this pops up.


Oh that’s so sick! I love the CH-53s I’m so excited see the King Stallion take operational!


It was awesome man I thought this is how Mark feels daily lol. Might be something to this helicopter thing after all lol.


Anytime I take people I warn them that if I do they’ll be hook and spend about 100K to fly for a living lol


Man I believe it, its hard to say no after a flight like todays. Cross this one off the list of incentive rides.


Can we take a second and appreciate your eye pro LOL


Lesson learned lol corrective lenses are a must 😂


lol If I ever had a chance to fly for the Marines I would so fly the Stallions, they’re just ugly and I like it


Thats sikorsky for you its ugly but it flies lol.


Hey in April I’ll be flying a Sikorsky so no hatin’ lol