First Impressions of the A-10


I was not flying correctly during my first few times and I think the airspeed indicator is hard to read at first but I’m loving it. I like the working cockpits but trying to see everything on a phone is hard.


I still can’t figure out how to land it with the cockpit completely shrouding your view.


It’s a dream come true. Never thought I’d see working stuff in it the moment I set foot inside the cockpit. When I did I was blown away. I was relieved to feel that I wouldn’t flip out like the old one. It’s a definite 5-star from me!


Tyler did say it flew better at lower speeds, and altitudes.

Plus, it’s somthing different and challenging. After you have been playing the game for a while like I, and many others have, its fun to have somthing a little more challenging.


I agree its fun to fly a challenging plane occasionally I just haven’t had enough time to understand the plane yet so I was just saying my initial thoughts,but thanks for adding to the conversation


I just spun out and crashed trying to do a flippy thing over mt. Everest dont tell infinite flight on me


If you give sudden, conflicting control inputs (i.e. full forward followed by a quick full back pressure) you’ll enter an uncontrolled, accelerated stall every time.

The trick (and beauty) of the A-10 is that it’s not a plane you can fly once and master. You have to watch your control inputs, watch your speed, and keep a lot of situational awareness. Luckily, we have instruments to help us with this. Stick with it and it’ll be rewarding :)


Isn’t that the truth? I’ve gotten myself in a few of those


The A-10 is nothing short of a flying tank. The aircraft is built around the main event which is the massive cannon. The aircraft can take hit after hit believe me. These instruments that work open up a ton of doors. I see the reality of being able to employ real weapons tactics and operations with A-10. I can see degree angles for dives and other tactics and it honestly blows my mind. The best thing about the A-10 update is the developmental doors that this aircraft launches for Infinite Flight. I am stoked to see the future of this mobile flight sim.


I agree, the live cockpit is a big step for IF and is a sign for great things to come!