First Impressions of the A-10

I just wanted to know what people think of the reworked A-10. I really like it and the working cockpit instruments are a big step forward for Infinite Flight.

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Love it. The liveries are Cline and well selected, it flies like a dream, and the live cockpit is a bonus!

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I didn’t know what to think about it at first but when I saw the cockpit, that was enough for me

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I disagree about the flying like a dream part I have not had a pleasing time flying it. I think the handling is rough and hard to control while at high airspeed. When I pitched down I went into a crazy noes spin and crashed multiple times


hopefully it gets better with time.

yeah I was loving it until that happened

Yeah I wasn’t very good with it either but I practiced it and got a lot better. Just do it on solo mode so you dont get violations/ghostings

Is anyone else seeing the pitch indicator always about 5 degrees too low? Is this a normal thing or is my copy defective? I’ve reinstalled the app and nothing is working…

Can you give a screenshot so I know what you mean

I cant run it my device isn’t powerful enough I guess.

What device do you have?

The Galaxy S7

It should work. I have an older Samsung than that and it works fine for me. Are you allowed to update the app and can’t fly it or you dont have the update

I updated it and flew it but it is extremly laggy.

Maybe try putting your graphic settings down a little and then try

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Ok I will. I’ll give it a try then. Graphic settings were on all high so I’ll switch that and put limit frame rate on

Yeah, limit frame rate should always be on, or at least its recommended

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I turned it to everything to medium except the rendering quality and left limit frame rate off. It works flawlessley now :). Thanks!

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Not my cup of tea. I will say though, Infinite Flight LLC has done a wonderful with these updates. While I don’t like the A-10, I do like the 737 update and will enjoy that for quite sometime.

Happy Landings,


No problem! Glad it worked out