First IFC Debate Sign Up (Complete)

Hello, and welcome to the newly developed Infinite Flight Community Debate Compitition which consist of everyone selected. Basically, topics about upcoming updates will be created by me so contenders can debate about it. Also, this will not change any current ideas or progress on updates.
Always follow the guidelines so you wont get flaged and have fun.
The first event will start after 5 people has signed up.
PM me to sign up

Contestors are listed below


I don’t understand this


It’s an interesting concept, I’m curious about the guidelines.

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Could you please explain more…

Regulars will sign up to debate IF related topics chosen by Nismo

Too deep in my opinion. Some people being in there would make it interesting, but unfortunately I doubt they would do it.


Isn’t that what we do in every topic anyway 😂


I’ll wait until a list of Debate Topics/Questions are Published. Max


Any ideas for debate topics, I am somewhat interested.

I would like to see what I’m debating like max. I like a good debate.

When I say debate its is more like me screaming at the top of my voice saying the Isle of Man is not near Southampton.

I you tell me some topics, then I may join.

Im thinking about having a Global Flight Debate because its a big thing right now

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I will do it if we have something about Trump.

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What would you debate?

Is it good or great?

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I would debate about global flight.Is it ready to be released at the end of this year or next year?

Im trying to stay away from political stuff but if its requested then ok.

That’s not debate, that’s more speculation.


Im trying to stay away from speculations too.

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List of possible debates

  • Are you for the C-130 or not for it
  • Hillary or Trump(no polls)
  • Reworked or Brand new
  • Windows Phone Updates
  • Should Global Flight be paid for
    -more will be added

No interest; politics, religion, Dreck ala Lounge or asinine peanut issues which are not aviation related. . Max

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