First IFATC spotted in flight

So I was flying with a friend last night from Nairobi to FACT however didn’t realise it was so long so diverted to Kilimanjaro Airport and it was good to see @Tyler_Shelton departing as I was on my approach and fair to say when I saw the name tag I started to panic a little bit 😂😂 good to see you man hope it was a good flight 😁✈️

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Hey bud! Fantastic to see that you were flying in todays region! I hope you had as much fun as I did! No need to be afraid of Tyler! He doesn’t bite! Anyways, a more suitable topic to post this in is the one I linked below as it serves as a main central hub for tracking forum community users. Have an amazing rest of your day! 😊


Nice to see

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Yes it was great I loved it, I was looking for this thread but couldn’t find it lol thank you, I was in the 772 and only my 3rd time flying it so didn’t know what to expect my landing to be like but it was nice and smooth 😎✈️


Listen to the go around song lol

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I’ll look it up lol

It’s so funny but same time go around doesn’t look anything bad

You can take advantage of the “bookmark” feature! It helps a lot. Just click that bookmark button and you’ll be able to find the thread faster.

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Hey people just want to say keep on topic with the thread. Calling people names such as a simp isn’t needed on this forum

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sorry oli h

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A valuable point


may i add a point? I will anyway. We should all be keeping on topic. thank you!

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If I could make another point to add to the other points already made. This topic went off topic along time ago. Please keep the discussion relevant to the topic.


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please stay on topic

What is the topic?

Oh god… look at how many people are replying…

Guys, I think we’re all getting carried away with this now. Let’s leave it at that and just refrain from posting. The question has already been answered, so that’s that.

What is the topic again? I forgot what the topic was after this post went off topic. if someone could remind me of the topic i would be forever in your debt. also stay on the topic and don’t go off topic. have a good day and don’t go off topic from the original topic. cheers.


Alrighty. Time to stop. You’ve had your fun, and I’m here to ruin it.

The chain of messages on this thread is unnecessary. It’s not needed, and a waste of time. Move on with your lives please. 🙂

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Damn, people really are going at it on this thread… Let’s say hypothetically, it’s crazier than our conversation me and @reer104 had

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