First helicopter ride with quantum helicopters (not learning to fly the helicopter tho)

I had the chance to go up in a helicopter today and fly around for a while I was with quantum helicopters out of KCHD AKA chandler muni in chandler arizona image image image image


To be specific it was a R44II

The closest thing I’ve got to flying a in a helicopter is “The Crew 2” they have a very nice interior and all the instruments work, when you move the rudder your character actually moves the rudder pedals, and he moves the joystick as well!

But anyways…nice photos!

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Alright thanks I’ll look at it

Nice pictures! I have only been in a helicopter twice.

Helicopters are cool


The last picture:
Caution! Caution! Cactus ahead!


Flying in helicopters are great fun!!. Only flown once but one great experience


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