First global flight? || Premier vol mondial? || Primer vuelo global?


What was your first global flight ever?
There was a topic by @Suhas about this but its closed. (Sorry Suhas. :/ )


My first global flight was from Istanbul to London Heathrow in a Turkish B777-300ER. :D
(Aah memories) :)

Anyways what was your first global flight?


¿Cuál fue tu primer vuelo global?
Hubo un tema de @Suhas sobre esto, pero está cerrado. (Lo siento Suhas.: /)

De todos modos …

Mi primer vuelo global fue de Estambul a Londres Heathrow en un B777-300ER turco. :D
(Aah recuerdos) :)

De todos modos, ¿cuál fue su primer vuelo global?


Quel a été votre premier vol mondial?
Il y avait un sujet @Suhas à ce sujet, mais il est fermé. (Désolé Suhas.: /)

En tous cas …

Mon premier vol mondial a été d’Istanbul à Londres Heathrow dans un B777-300ER turc. :D
(Aah souvenirs) :)

Quel a été ton premier vol mondial de toute façon?


Mine was when I was a noob in Grade 1 and did egll to a random airport in England.

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Mines was from EIDL to EIDW

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I did EGLL-EIDW in a Ryanair 737. Yes, I know I flew a Ryanair out of Heathrow hehe

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My first global flight was a group flight with @MasterZekrom from KFLL-TJSJ.


Thats a short flight O_O

My first flight was KJFK to KBUF! With a Jetblue E190

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Please continue in the topic linked below, thanks.

Mine was EGLL-YSSY in the BA 787-9

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Mine was basic

San Francisco to Los Angeles
(I forgot what aircraft i chose)

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Mine was either KSJC-KSFO or KSFO-KLAX
I cant remeber

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I don’t fully remember, but from what I know it was something along the lines of:

San Francisco-San Francisco Bay