First Global Event @ CYYZ - 221400ZOCT17

Server: Training
Aircraft:air Canada 789


Time: 1400Z

Time to regain control:1900Z

NOTAM: *Since the last event I made was so unsuccessful, and since Global is officially right around the corner, I’ve decided to take the honor of creating the first Global Event.

We will begin at CYYZ (Toronto Pearson) and fly to MJKP (Norman Manley). It is required that you use the the flight plan from a web site called Flight plan Database, and which you can find simply by searching “Flight planner”. Be sure that even though this is a group flight, you keep 3nm away from each other. Gates for CYYZ will be listed soon, hope to see you there! I
Edit:Due to concern, I would like to note that the date will be pushed forward or back depending on Globals release date.
CYYZ Gates:
Terminal 1 D1: @SVEN_MORLEY
Terminal 1 D3: @Jack *


Question: What if global isn’t out?


The date will be pushed back. But it is around the corner.

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Well if global comes it before your event starts I would love to join!

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We don’t know when global will be out. I think you should wait until we at least have a release date.


Well it was sent to Apple so the latest it could be Friday.

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“But Apple…” said Laura so who knows. Lets get back on topic now

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I will also create one