First Glider Solo

It felt like I would never get to this stage, but I managed to yesterday.

I arrived at my gliding club, and it seemed like a pretty normal day at first. Me and my instructor did 4 flights together at first, practicing some cable breaks and some spinning. However at the end of the fourth flight, as I was strapping myself in again my instructor didn’t seem to be getting in. I was about to question him, when he informed me that this flight would be my first solo and that I would be going up without him.

Getting ready and carrying out the pre flight checks, with my instructor standing right next to me

Checks done, now connected to the cable with my instructor holding the wing - I would be winch launching for this flight.

Cable is live, all out is called and I’m airborne! Too late to go back now.

Touching down after a short but successful flight. I pulled back slightly too hard and the nose was much lighter as my instructor wasn’t in there anymore resulting in me floating a bit ,but managed to get it stable again. After that, just because it wasn’t very busy I managed to fit in two more flights.

Picture of the log book. (As you can see, I just have to mess it up on my solo flights)

Overall, pretty successful day. I’m very happy with how it went and the weather was quite good, however there wasn’t much lift around meaning the flights only lasted about 5 to 10 minutes. It was a pretty weird feeling looking back and seeing the seat behind me empty, and that everything was under my own hands. It happened a bit later than I wanted it to due to Covid, though. Overall, it took 100 flights, 20 months and 22 hours.

The next step would be to transfer to higher performance single seater gliders and work up to cross country; there’s still a lot to learn and you’re still considered a student even after you’ve gone solo, but soloing is still at least one step forwards.

I also apologise for the quality of the photos; my dad only had his Huawei to take them and the camera isn’t great.

Thanks for viewing!


Congratulations, Tim! Great achievement, looked like a great day to fly too!

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You’ll never forget your first solo! Congratulations on your accomplishment, wishing you strong lift ahead!


Did you know that @Steven_Tellmann is also a glider pilot! Also congratulations on your first solo!


Was going to tag Tom, looks like he already made it here haha

Awesome Tim! I was supposed to solo on my 14th birthday last month but due to the virus I haven’t even been to my gliding port in a couple of months ☹️ I miss it


Yeah, the virus is messing up a lot of stuff. I didn’t manage to go for about 5 months because of it and only came back 2 months ago, good luck for when you come back!


Awesome!!! I’m working on my GPPL soon!

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Congratulations! There’s a gliding club near me… Maybe I should look at that too 👀

Would be amazing to fly with you one day 👀. That’s not even impossible.

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Congratulations! Flying solo has been one of my greatest achievements thus far. I’m looking to hop in gliders one day, just finishing up the airplane certificates for now. I wish you the best in your training.


Congratulations! This is a huge achievement! You deserve it!

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Huge congratulations on your first solo, Tim! That’s amazing news to hear! You’ll never forget the moment you takeoff for the first time by yourself.

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congrats, (trying to get my PPL) I wish it wasn’t so expensive to do!

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Aw man, looks like you still have to unlock both the instructor and the pilot. But congrats!

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