First glider contest

After days of nasty weather, I was finally allowed to make my first glider contest in our Alliance 34.

However I wasn’t able to finish the contest due to awful termals (between 1m/s and 2,5 m/s) and a very strong wind (over 30 knots). I eventually ended up landing in a field roughly 10km short of the destination.

Landing in a field isn’t uncommon for gliders. If done correctly, it’s not dangerous at all.


Which country was it?

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It was in the most beautiful country of the world (France, obviously). Go back to leaving the E.U, @MishaCamp.


😂😂😂😂 I was about to say that it was in the U.K. But fair enough, France is beautiful indeed, not sure if it’s the most beautiful in the world.

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Ooo sour. I guess that is what losing every single war does to you


And I guess that way of thinking comes from needing help in every war from the first colony to leave you.


I’ll listen to you when you can actually win a war against Asian farmers


Lets get this back on topic lol. @Axel_B I legit didn’t know you glide?


I’m going to have some 'Mericans teach me that @MishaCamp. Oh wait…

Jokes aside, I do glide. I’m not as experienced as I am with planes but I’m starting to understand the ins and out of catching and using thermals.
The massive advantage of gliding is the cost to be honest.


The massive advantage of gliding is the lack of engine noise. :-)
It can be kind of peaceful up there.

Great pics


Not if you like the good old engine sound! But indeed, it can be very peaceful up there… as long as you don’t have to fight moderate turbulence and severe downdrafts.

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True. You know I’m going gliding for a week soon? Sponsored by the Royal Navy and I get to go solo if I’m good enough by the end 👌🏼

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Congrats man! Don’t crash the glider though. What type by the way?

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SZD-50-3 Puchacz and Grob Astir CS77’s

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In all seriousness now, I would love for you to do a video of your gliding. I know that for the really advanced there are some aerobatics one can do in the glider. That would be very interesting to see and how you manage the flight trying to maintain and./or gain altitude.

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Sweet man. Flying a glider is pretty easy especially during approach and landing. If you ask me, the most dangerous part is the take-off.

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I’ll try to take my GoPro up for a flight soon. I wish I could do aerobatics but I’m not rated yet on gliders.

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Most fun though. I adore winch launches

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Yeah they’re definitely fun yet dangerous. Be careful with those wing drops!

With the winch, you only half a second to drop it before tipping over the wing. And once the wing has touched the ground, full aileron and full rudder may not be enough to save you.

In my opinion, towed departures are much much safer altough they are much more expensive.


That looked quite fun, thanks for sharing the pictures!

What is the etiquette of landing in a random field? It would certainly be interesting if I suddenly find a glider sitting on my front drive.